My dog is staying the night. What should I bring?

F Street Hound has everything your dog needs, food, blankets, bowls, etc. but we encourage you to bring your own food and a blanket or toy that smells like home.

Will F Street Hound treat my dog like I treat my dog?

F Street Hound is a loving safe environment just like your home. Our staff treats dogs and cats in positive ways at all times as they would their own. Everyone here is an animal lover.

Does F Street Hound accept any breed of dog?

F Street Hound welcomes all dogs that are at least 2 months of age and have current booster shots for rabies and distemper, plus a current kennel cough vaccination. (Injectable Kennel Cough must be administered 2 weeks prior to first visit, and Intranasel Kennel Cough can be administered 2 days prior) Any dog over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.

What do I need to do to start?

It’s easy. Just follow these 2 steps…
1. Fill out an application (click here)
2. Reserve a space

I have a little dog. Will he be around big dogs?

F Street Hound divides dog groups by size and temperament.

What can I do if my dog isn’t totally comfortable around other dogs?

It’s helpful to introduce your dog to other dogs in a structured setting. Staffers will work with your dog to gain skills and confidence. F Street Hound offers training classes that can help.

What kind of experience does F Street Hound have with animals?

F Street Hound is owned and operated by a family with 4 decades of hands-on experience in the pet care industry. Our staff was chosen for their experience and skill working with dogs and cats.

My dog needs medication during the day, will you give it to him?

No problem, we will give your dog any medication he or she needs at the time you specify to administer it.