People pets love

F Street Hound teaches/trains employees exactly how to care for and interact with your dog or cat. There’s one thing though we can’t teach. It’s something we require but something employees must bring to the job themselves… a genuine love for animals.

F Street Hound surrounds your pet with people who love being around them. They are cat and dog people that take the time to get to know each and every animal and his or her personality. Our employees bring lots of hands-on experience to their job and use only positive reinforcement methods with your dog. Individually and as a team, the F Street Hound staff work to create a safe, consistent and fun environment for your special one pet. You’ll be glad to know our staff are very people-friendly as well. You’ll find them easy to talk to and happy to answer your questions.

F Street Hound is a locally owned and family operated business. Our owners are proud to be a part of downtown Omaha and have more than 3 decades of successful experience working with dogs and cats. They have experience in local kennel clubs, AKC shows and Field Trials.